PlaqueFirst aid room and canteen

The department of education has regulations for all schools. Some are: schooluniforms, sending results by internet, sportmaterials and also a first aid room and a canteen. It is good to now that we have three kind of schools: private, Muslim and Christian. Only the Muslimschools are supported by the government. Christian schools have to pay everything by themselves. Teachers have no salaries and often pay by themselves the schoolmaterials their school needs. We supported this school with this room and canteen. 





Sponsor a student

Our coaches select yearly twenty players on their soccerskills, perseverance and their volition to succeed. We want them to play as high as possible. Our total of players with a scholarship is 62. Currently one of our former players studies at a local university. Without a monthly support of some donors he could not do this. For just a small amount of money you can make a dream come real! Please contact us for more information:





New toilets for children and teachers

AK is very thankful for all donors for the new toilets for an elementary school with eighty children and their teachers. Some Dutch children, who also donated, of the donors revealed a plaque as a reminder.  

New balls

Each year we donate several balls. Because off the high intensity the balls are used, we have to donate much balls. The quality of balls sold in Indonesia is very bad. It is very hard to find a high quality ball. Shops only have two or three balls of the same in stock. So you have to find a supplier. They only give warranty till the door! Sometimes we ask visitors to bring balls from the Netherlands. This alternative is the best solution for the club.  


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