Football scholarship

The soccer club is an idea of a local church. The church offers 60 players (12-18 years) a scholarship. For 3-6 years they will receive for free: soccer, education, food, sports and schooluniforms. if necessary they can live in our dorm. They practice 4/5 times each week. The school and the fields are on our own campus. The dorm, with a total of sixty athletes, is near the campus and the basketballplayers (boys and girls) are living there too. 

"Terang Bangsa" = "Light of the nation(s)

The club as an example

Our club is an example for (youth)soccer in Indonesia. There are no clubs in the country that are working with a policy or a youthprogram. Clubs don’t have their own fields, we are blessed to have one international sized field and two small sized fields. There is no special course to become a youth coach. Sometimes we get an opportunity to share our knowledge. Yearly we educate our own players of senior high with a coaching class.

Our U6 - U10 practice three times a week one hour, the other ages 3x 1 ½. In December we are two weeks closed and in summer, during fasting, three weeks.  We practice after school between 14.30pm and 17.30pm on Mo.-Fr. After 17.30pm it becomes dark and we don't have lights on our fields. Our club has in total 180 players, 5-17 years old. The younger players have to be brought by moped, parents stay till after practice. 

It is our goal to bring players to the top leagues of the world. Each year our players are picked for several selected teams. Some already play as a professional player and we already had some who played for national youth teams. 

Games and tournaments

Monthly each age group plays 2x games or tournaments. Three of our teams attend a league. Most of the time teams play tournaments. It is usual to start in a group of four teams. The first two play the next day in a knock-out system. A lot of games are played in our own town, but sometimes we have to travel by bus one day before the tournament and travel at least 4 hours. Parents organize housing and food.


At the moment we have seven coaches, three are Moslim, two Catholic and two Christians, two are specialized for goalies. They all are licensed. Each 14 days Ronald educates them. For most of the coaches working at our club is their only income.


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